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And the "after"

Hello Dave,

Yep, all hoods for the lightweights were black, all hoods for the K's chrome.

No lightweight model from 1948 thru 1957 came from the Factory with a brake light switch. If you ordered it that way from the Factory, yes, or the dealer would install it or the customer could buy the kit and install it themselves.

In 1958, the Fed DOT (gag) made it mandatory that all vehicles that were to be driven on the road were to come fom the Factory with brake lights installed. Hence the 1958 B models getting an additional coil, so it could run brake lights.

I have somewhere in the parts room , a complete NOS brake light switch kit for the lightweights. There are about 12 pieces to it. It comes with the installation instructions and it is dated sometime in 1956, But I seem to remember it directly stating that these bikes didn't come from the Factory equipt with a brake light switch. I'll dig it up and post a picture of the instructions next time I get out to the parts room.

The only single filament connectors I have seen are for the 34-38(without brake light switches) models and some WLA models. There are also 2 filament connectors just like this WLA single filament connector, in fact, 2 of each on the same wiring harness (-41M). The 2 pin WLA connector is the same connector plug used on the 55-56 B and ST models. It is bakelite with a removable steel casing.

All the NOS 48-55 lamps I have had over the years all had double filament bulbs in them , when I took them apart to study them. Haven't ever seen a NOS or used original with a single filament connector plug.

The locating pins of the -34 bulb are straight across from each other and is a single filament bulb, no need to locate the bulb in a particular location (as far as one filament or the other) the -47 bulb has offset locating pins (1154 bulb) and I just went out and checked and all my 48-55 tail lamps all use a 1154 bulb (offset pins) so I would guess that the book has a typo as ya can't force a 1158 straight location pin bulb into a offset pin socket !!

Also checked and all the lamp housings have the cutaway for the retainers. I don't recall ever seeing one with no cut out, but then again, my memory ain't what it used to be. That's why I try to keep one of every part in the stash, until I can get some different views of it downloaded on my computer.

I restored a 49 S for a fella in Cedar Rapids Iowa a few years back. Untouched original bike, bought just a couple of weeks after the original owner died, from his daughter's estate sale she was having. It came complete with all the original paper work,registration papers, title, even the original B/S keys and TOOLS !!!
This bike never had a brake light switch on it and it has the double filament connector plug on it.

Here is the before


Can we pick your brain a little more?

1) My understanding is that the Model 125/165 taillight hoods were painted black, and the Model K/KH were the same hood except they were chrome. Is that correct?

2) My understanding is that the 1948-1949 Model 125 did not come standard with a brake light switch. Did they use a one-pin bulb connector or two-pin? The parts books show only one connector, 68155-34. Did they use a one-filament bulb or two-filament. It looks like the 68165-34 bulb was used 48-49 and the 68165-47 bulb was used 1950-1955. Can you clarify?

3) The two styles of lens retainers are in the photo below. I seem to remember some taillight brackets having a "cutout" for the wire kind, and no cutout for the spiral snap ring type, but it's been a long time. Can you clarify?