From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: Need some parts to complete a couple bikes! Date:Sun Jun 30 13:44:46 2013
Response to:18589
Good luck on the YA-1. I saw a frame locally noted to be a YA-1 but it had been modified with 2 lower tube from the fork tube and 3 higher to reinforce at the head tube, none welded well. It was suggested to have been the campaigned Yamaha bike here on the west coast.

A story around here was that some fellow In the Seattle area was commissioned to make a bike for the Yamaha museum. He used a Harley engine a 5speed YA-2 transmission and made new sidecases to look like the original bike. Then he made a tank and added Bantum shocks to the back of a 53 Harley frame and put a glove box in the tank. Yamaha was impressed and asked how he got the details so well done, He'd used his neighbors YA-1 as a model. Yamaha didn't know that one existed.

I haven't confirmation on the story it's just what one of the fellows at the local Vintage Bikes picnic told me over my '49.

Hello all you hummer items out there!
First of all I wanna say Dixon was rear this what great participation we had this year. Dana and his immaculate 1960 super ten, "wild child" owned by john dutra a 1961 super ten, rich singer his lovely wife and two dogs and their hummer under construction, mr strain and his pretty black hummer, my small collection of bikes, the man of the hour mr. Dean hummer himself with his 1955 hummer, the harley shortster, a 1956 bsa bantam, a rust bucket 1972 DKW 125 enduro, a harley laggaro, and many people. Just gets better every year.
Now to my real reason for posting: I'm feeling inspired to complete a few bikes!
I need a few parts:
For my 1951 harley lightweight which is in process of being restored...I need the pin that goes underneath to keep left pedal and kickstand straight.
For my 1959 way modified harley hummer, I need: a lheadlamp switch, a stop lamp switch/ thingy, a clutch pedal, and foot pedal rubbers.
Anyone have any of these things they can help me with?
On another note, I'm looking for a DKW rt 125, a yamaha ya-1, and a Russian made Mockba?
We're the any more bikes made that used same engine????
Thank you much! In advance.
Sincerely Gene