From:Brent Dugan
Subject:RE: Wauseon , Ohio show 7-19-13 Date:Tue Jul 9 13:23:09 2013
Response to:18617
Hello everyone. Things worked out last minute to where I'll be able to attend Wauseon. My truck isn't any good for a long drive anymore but a friend is loaning me a car and I'll be hooking up with my buddy Richard Frost in Clarion,PA to ride shotgun with him the rest of the way. I don't know his space number yet but if you see a really nice red 1925 Indian Twin with side car displayed For Sale I'll be somewhere nearby. I plan on bringing oil cans, literature, books and a few other things to sell (some Hummer stuff)so drop by and say 'Hi'. Once I find out the space number I'll post it.

Nobody involved with our tent responded so I guess it will not be there....unless someone knows otherwise.......However is ANYBODY TAKING A HUMMER OR TWO TO THE SHOW....IT WOULD BE NICE TO GET THEM TOGETHER....please advise if you are planning to attend