From:Gene underwood
Subject:Ground up restoration of a 1963 scat Date:Wed Jul 10 10:35:31 2013
Hello hummerites.
I am rebuilding / restoring my 63 scat.
Is there detailed info somewhere I'm missing regarding the finish of all the parts?
For example, what parts do I powder coat I.e. frame, top of triple tree, etc, and are they or which parts are gloss black,which are flat black, etc etc.

Does anyone make or put together a COMPLETE set of nuts bolts screws etc, all with correct finish like cadmium, parkerized, chrome, etc? For these bikes?

We are calling the bike " Phoenix the Scat"

We will take detailed pix of Ike from start to finish.

Thanks in advance...Gene.
P.s. I'm sure I will be beggin for some parts as the process progresses