Subject:parts needed Date:Sat Jul 13 16:16:04 2013
Hello folks, I am in need of some parts. I need one of each side, fork sliders. I need the 1951-54 type. These are easily identified by looking at the 3 fender mounting bolt holes in the bottom casting. These holes are threaded.

The 1955-66 slider bolt holes are not threaded, just a plain 1/4" hole.

As long as the bottom casting is in good shape, doesn't matter what condition the tubing is in. They are almost always worn, bent or pitted badly or all of the above, so I re-tube them, then cad plate them. They turn out like new, 1.00" diameter the entire length of the tube with no wear or pitting this way.

Any one got any spare sliders laying about, that they can part with?