From:Doug Miller (in Oregon)
Subject:BTH in Lebanon (Oregon that is) Date:Mon Jul 22 01:02:45 2013
I went to an event over the weekend in Lebanon Oregon for the thurs-fri-sat-sun. I normally at these events get bored silly by sat. noon so I go Garage sale-ing noon Friday and Saturday. I was looking at a real nice little lathe-mill about a 30" by 6" piece and noticed it would do metric threads so mentioned my "Italian Harleys" a 250, a 350 and some 65s. OH, they had a 65 for sale. Ya, sure I would like to see it.

A beautiful 65 BTH 12000 miles and the only damage I saw was a little bending at the back of the front fender and the seat needs a re-covering. NICE bike.

Now I don't need a project and I didn't think the price was appropriate but I'd say you won't find a bike nicer that has been ridden 12000 miles.

I told them about here, some of the venders that came first to mind and Duane Taylor as he is the closest person I could think of for them to get another opinion from.

Score one for the day.