Subject:Wauseon Date:Tue Jul 30 21:22:06 2013
Don't know who the judge(s) were at Wauseon this year, but they need some help. Our good friend Terry Warnkin had his 62 Scat judged. Here is what he emailed me

"we went to the Waseuon National Show a few weeks ago. One of the things my bike was knocked down for were the green and red headlight wires. They are plastic
coated. You know as well as I do I am the original owner of the bike. After only 500 miles put on the bike by my Dad, it was stripped and the headlight was put in a box for 48 years. I then restored the bike, putting the headlight on as it came out of the box. They told me they should be cloth covered.I think they are wrong about that, however, there may be a cloth tube that goes over the wires. Am I right? Thanks"

Anyone know who the cheif judge was there, so we can email him and get the points back for Terry? Gary Kaufman had his 59 STU that we restored for him about 6 years ago, judged at the Dixon AMCA meet. The judges there docked him a full 2 points. They said the HH58 head lamp was wrong for that model and also the 2 yellow plastic wires for the head lamp was wrong. Gary
just so happened to bring his 1960 Parts book and the Factory Service manual. First Gary showed Pete the headlamp page showing the change from the Cycle Ray in 58 to the HH58 GUIDE lamp in 1959. He got 1 point back, then he broke out the Servive manual and showed him the 1959 only wiring diagram and he then got his other point back . The bike scored 100 points !!!