From:Dr Pepper
Subject:RE: RE: Crank Seals Question Date:Thu Aug 15 10:33:17 2013
Response to:18718

I've not worked on the ST just some S bikes. The generator not alternator is same as the ST.

The left seal is behind the first bearing and originally was a felt washer (I think) I've taken leather, felt and rubber seals out. This bearing is running in the transmission-clutch oil so is lubed all the time between this and an interior bearing is the seal. the clips that hold the bearing and seal in are sometimes a pain

The right seal should be visable with the cap removed. The seal will be easy to see.

Hello: I friend drug to me his '56 165 (identified by engine VIN 56ST 2190). It is very beat, and missing much. But it is a roller, has a complete engine w/carb, bars, seat, clutch lever/cable and working rear brake. With a 6V battery, a new condenser and playing with the points I managed to get spark. Carb cleaned out and hooked up an "IV," drip style fuel tank. Timed the ignition as best possible. I could get it to start with starting fluid and it would stay running at a steady throttle only, essentially would take none and no idle. Much fiddling would not change this condition, so decided to investigate the crank seals. This was a chore in itself, as the top screw on the left case was seized to the case, and when finally removed I see just a bearing on the left side of the crank, no seal. Right side came apart much easier and I find a cap under the alternator rotor held by three straight slot countersunk screws. I'm soaking the cap in PB hoping it will loosen, and expect to find a seal under that cap. My questions is, the left crank seal is I assume behind the bearing? Does this mean the cases must be split to replace the crankshaft seals? Was hoping the service manual links on this website would work but they appear to be just pictures. I would appreciate any tips and/or advice. thank you!!