From:john dutra
Subject:RE: 64 pacer won't kick start Date:Wed Aug 21 10:20:47 2013
Response to:18736

The pacer I picked up won't kick start but will bump start
and runs great. The kick starter has full range of motion
and turns the engine over freely. Any suggestions? I am
new to these lil beauties so your experience/advice will be
appreciated. Cheers lb

Darn fine question Lyle. The only thing I would suggest is
making sure your starting your kick at the highest point you
can and your doing so at just past top dead center and
following through quickly to the lowest point possible.If
the engine starts when bump starting then rotating the
engine with the kicker should yield the same result unless
the kickee be gettin a lil slow in his or her approach.
Kinda sounds like a golf lesson huh ? I would also look for
anything goofy going on when kicking motion is applied such
as the bike being shaken a bit and a stray wire grounding or
the lean of the bike causing a fuel starvation problem.
Grounding sounds more likely as you should at least get a
pop or sputter with fuel shortage after being run from the
bump start.The goofy factor should never be over looked as
it's been the culprit in many a mechanical head scratcher.
Good luck, keep us posted and welcome to our little
P.S. didn't mean to offend a season kicker if that's the