From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: 51 Handlebars/Generator Question Date:Sun Aug 25 11:52:52 2013
Response to:18748
The armature is probably fine - the wires have a clear (or reddish) enamel coating on them, and unless there's mechanical damage or severe overheating (not likely on a Hummer), they usually last forever.

Unless your bike has a zillion miles on it, you can clean the commutator LIGHTLY with very fine (like #00) sandpaper and then wipe it off with Brak-Kleen. Doesn't have to be super-shiny, just get any major crud off.

Your brushes (switches?) - not sure what "chewed" means. The ends should be rounded where they ride on the commutator, and if they're long enough that the wire doesn't prevent them from riding on the commutator...

Hopefully Duane has some replacements. If not, Starter/alternator shops usually have a large selection of brushes, and may have your size. Sometimes a good hardware store has a cabinet of brushes, but selection is limited.

Contact Duane - he's the man...


Hey everyone,
I am looking for a set of handlebars for a 51S. Anybody have any that they can part with?

I also have a question. I pulled the generator off of my 51 and noticed two of the switches under the points plate were completely chewed. I also noticed that the Armature that is packed with the bundles of copper wire is in really rough shape. All the wires are exposed. Do I have to replace the whole thing or can those switches be replaced? What about reinsulating the copper in the Armature? Is that possible?

Any help would be great. I may have some stuff to exchange for some parts. I just bought a whole bunch of stuff when I purchased a 48 out of a guy's barn. I could part with; 3 different frames, 4 wheels with tires, a gas tank, a 55 motor and lots of misc, including a lot a fenders.

-Patrick in ND