From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Battery & Starting Question Date:Fri Sep 27 19:11:56 2013
Response to:18822

Before you move from 'lektrikity to fuel - make sure you have spark at the spark plug. Remove the plug, and lay it (or hold it) against the cylinder head. Now crank the starter and see if you are getting spark. It helps if you a dark garage, and a helper to watch while you crank.

If you got spark, you're ready to move to the fuel system.

If not...



I thought it would only need to 2 batteries for night driving as per the post and I wouldn't be driving at night at all. Im going to order another battery. Thanks again.
Check the battery restore article again. The article calls for two of the 4.5 HA batteries, connected in parallel for a total of 9 AH. Should still work with one. Follow the directions provided by CJ.


Just got a 53 hummer and the battery was dead. I looked at the restore section and bought the battery that was suggested which was a 6v 4.5amp battery. I hooked it up and now my lights turn on and stay on but the bike wont start. I am doing something wrong? could it be a carb issue? or should I get the 9amp battery and hope it will make a difference. I know these bikes have a generator and im thinking the 4.5amp battery is to weak.

Any suggestions? before I take it to a shop..