From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Bantam/Hummer Date:Thu Oct 24 18:31:49 2013
Response to:18873

There were no "official" competition models. Harley did make some racing transmission gears, somewhere I have a factory doc of them.

Puckett Motors in Orlando, Florida made a lot of racing parts for the 125's and 165s. Read this story about Dick O'Brien who worked for Puckett and later became Harley's racing manager.

Puckett racing heads for the 165's are well known, and actually not too hard to find. I don't know the exact relationship between Harley and Puckett. "What wins on Saturday, sells on Monday", so Harley may have provided some help.


I collect bsa bantams the D1 competition models.
I know there are a lot of similaritys between the two bikes (Bantams and Hummers)
But did they ever make a competition model ?
Thanks Steve.