From:Leroy Lange
Subject:RE: RE: Lange Tires Date:Mon Oct 28 16:57:38 2013
Response to:18888
Bob, I have a question, does this"shop" work on Hummers?
Does this shop sell tires,(do they know anything about Hummers) I figure they are trying to make $$$ selling tires because they couldn't get "service" money.
I along with most owners will answer questions about these bikes. I have recieved many calls for parts but explained how to fix the issue for free rather than take your greenbacks. This is what most of us do in this club, if your not happy with my tires I will refund your expense.

My Father and I have spent many months and money getting these tires made because most of us don't don't like the round Coker tires. They aren't even close to original specs and design, the Coker booth is 2 spaces away from me at Davenport.

Ps. sorry I missed Davenport this year, transmission issues in my truck so I had to stay home and make spagetti sauce and blackberry jam.

Leroy Lange

No disrespect intended guys and hopefully the threat will prevent any rumors. It was something I was told when I brought my bike into a shop for the first time. I questioned it and thought maybe I should see your thoughts and experience before replacing these brand new tires. This obviously helps me and hopefully others understand more when it comes to tire selection and prevent future misconceptions.


I was told the other day that the Lange tire I have aren't safe over 15mph in a corner. Any one have any feed back?