From:Bill Clemons
Subject:Hi and need help with a 48 seat Date:Wed Oct 30 14:39:41 2013
Hey everyone, another old coot here trying to recapture his past. I'm gathering up parts to build a few bikes and one of the snags I've hit is trying to restore the Lycette seat on my 48 S125. I have the bare frame and 6 long springs and a picture of a finished seat.
The parts book shows 8 long springs and 3 short springs but not where they go or how they hold up the cover. Also, so far, I've been unable to find a pic of the loose cover (top and bottom shots) or instructions as to how it's attached. I've found most of this info on other versions of these seats but nothing specifically relating to the one used by Harley. I'd really appreciate any help or guidance y'all might throw my way.