From:Mel Wallace
Subject:RE: RE: girder fork mod Date:Thu Nov 14 13:56:12 2013
Response to:18930
Dana - is that your black Hummer shown in this message link? If so, I have some questions for you. Tried sending to the email shown against your name, but it was rejected. Thanks.

Bill: My father had a '48 125S back in the early 60's. The
rubber bands apparently broke, or were about to, so Dad (who
was a mechanical engineer) replaced them with springs. My
brother and I rode that bike for years with the "spring"
suspension. In fact, the spring suspension was still in place
until my brother had the bike restored by Bruce Mackenzie in
2010! I believe Bruce replaced the springs with rubber bands
as part of the restoration.

has anybody seen a rubber band fork converted to
use a spring ?