From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: 1952, spark issues Date:Wed Nov 27 10:25:07 2013
Response to:18991
The problem is probably with your points and condenser.

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Back when cars had them, you did a tune-up every couple years. How long since this bike had a tune-up?

As a temporary measure, you can remove the points and examine. They will probably be badly pitted. File them gently until they clean up. Reinstall, set the gap to .020, and give it a try. If it starts, or at least gives more/better sparks, you know where the problem is. Order new ones.


A friend just bought a 52 125 that ran well and then quit. we pulled plug, cleaned, checked gap. Checking for spark, the plug will fire on first kick then not at all. If we wait a few minutes and try again it will spark once and that's it. battery voltage checks out, horn and lights are at full. Any suggestions ?
on another note, turning light on did kill the motor prior to this.