From:John Fairgrieve
Subject:RE: Model 125 / Model 165 - Points sources Date:Mon Dec 2 00:03:55 2013
Response to:18995

The Model 125 & Model 165 points also fit Harley big twins from 1949 through 1969, as well as K-model and Sportster up through 1969.

They also fit 41-47 Chevy, 35-36 Pontiac 6 cyl. 36-37 Olds 6 cyl.

The Delco Remy part # for the condenser is 1869704, D-R part # for points is 1882391. Your local NAPA or other auto parts store should be able to cross-reference to their numbers.

The very first thing to do it to sand the faces of both contacts, even when brand new, An oxide builds up on the face of the tungsten over time. I built a motor one time, NOS points, would NOT fire period. I blasted each contact in the blast cabinet and the motor fired right up. Sand paper works just as good.


I wouldn't over look the fact that the condenser might be bad.