From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: 1956 Model 165 Date:Thu Dec 5 10:00:48 2013
Response to:19029

What a beauty - everything gleams! It was worth the wait.

Today, I'm going to make an offer on a bike I've been chasing for 12 years, and he's finally decided to let it go. Sorry, not a Hummer, but the Hummer's big brother - a '54 KH. But it will probably take me 9 months to get it running. So I'll have 24 years to restore it and I can match your record.


Found this 1956 ST Harley in 1976 setting in a barn in KY. It was parked in 1963, it took me 36 years to purchase the bike. With Mutts help we rebuilt it and had it running in 9 months first time since 1963. A big THANK YOU to Mutt for the outstanding job.