From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: 53 hummer sale? Date:Thu Feb 6 19:20:45 2014
Response to:19241

People from all over will see it if you put it on eBay. You'll have to watch a number of auctions to see what similar bikes ultimately sell for to determine a price.

No title is a bad thing. Some states make it almost impossible to get a title. So people from those states won't want to buy it. You should do whatever you can to get a title before you try to sell it. Your effort will pay off in a quicker sale and higher price.

What state are you in? Perhaps someone on the forum can give you info about getting a title in your state.


need more info to sell this bike no title just a bill of sale. What would be the best forum for selling (ebay)??
any info would be greatly appreciated.