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We foster the preservation and restoration of the American-made Harley-Davidson lightweight motorcycle.

Welcome to the Harley Hummer Club, your source for information about the 1948-1966 American-made lightweights.   If you're new to Hummers, start with the History section, then click all the links above for a wealth of historical information.

The Hummer Exchange provides a forum to ask questions, trade parts and information, and get to know other Hummer owners. As you move around the site, please click on all the pictures - most of them will expand to larger pictures.   We hope you enjoy your visit!

This website does not have any advertising or pop-ups — we never have, and we never will.  We're here just for the joy of these bikes.

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Recent Happenings on the Web Site
When? What? Where?
May 2018 Mutt's Green Racer Members : Mutt's Racer
February 2014 Photos from 2013 AMCA Swap Meets
Silver Sands,  Oley,  Dixon  White Rose (Jefferson)
Hummer Club : Silver Sands
Hummer Club : Oley
Hummer Club : Dixon
Hummer Club : White Rose
August 2012 Replacement Battery Alternatives
Modern replacements for Model 125/165 batteries
How-To-Restore : Batteries
July 2012 Hummer Hospitality Tent - Dixon
Story & photos from the AMCA Fort Sutter Chapter's Dixon Swap Meet
Hummer Club : Dixon 2012
May 2012 1956 Spring Special Colors - Tampico Green and Sun Gold
Paint color list updated from factory documentation
Restore: 1956 Literature
Restore: Paint Colors
May 2012 Hummer Hospitality Tent - Oley
Story & photos from the AMCA Perkiomen Chapter's Oley Swap Meet
Hummer Club : Oley 2012
March 2012 Hummer Hospitality Tent - Silver Sands
Photos from the AMCA Sunshine Chapter's Silver Sands Swap Meet
Hummer Club : Silver Sands 2012
March 2012 Shop Dope 340, several Accessory Instructions, 165 Modifications
Don Biter and Herman submit some historical documents.
Stuff - Oddities
How To Restore Chapter 9
December 2011 1954 Spring Special Colors
H-D magazine ad that shows the scheme
How To Restore Chapter 22
September 2011 Davenport 2005
50th Anniversary of the Hummer - Photos and Video
Hummer Club : Davenport 2005
September 2011 Dixon 2011
Hummer Hospitality Tent debuts at the Dixon AMCA meet
Hummer Club : Dixon 2011
August 2011 "How To Restore" - Paint Colors - Chapter 60
Perry Ruiter #441 uncovers Spring Special colors for 1951 and 1954
How-To-Restore: Chapter 60
July 2011 "How To Restore" - Horns - Chapter 73
A few unanswered questions, but essentially complete. Thanks, Mutt.
How-To-Restore: Chapter 73
May 2011 Correct, documented Paint Colors for Hummers
New research is complete! See each year/model chapter, and Chapter 60
How To Restore
May 2011 Hummer Hospitality Tent
Pictures from Oley 2011 - Tent will be at Rhinebeck & Dixon this June
Club : Oley 2011
March 2011 Hummer Batteries
Pictures of every battery though the years...
How-To-Restore: Chapter 71
March 2011 Eustis 2011 - Hummer Hospitality Tent
Fun in the Florida Sun
Club : Eustis 2011
February 2011 Another Member has shared his story!
Full circle - 1965 to 1993 to 2011
Members: Martin Draper
January 2011 A Trip to Taylor Classic Cycles
The Web-master visits the Metal-master
Members: Duane Taylor
November 2010 1955 Hummer "Air Cleaner, Hummer"
Ron Zwick unearths Shop Dope #360
How To Restore: Chapter 27
November 2010 How-To-Restore - Gas Tanks
NEW Chapter
How To Restore: Chapter 69
October 2010 How-To-Restore - Frames - Completely Updated
Members fill in the blanks
How To Restore: Chapter 4
May 2010 1956 Hummer "Important - Before Starting Engine"
Louis Heying unearths gas/oil mixing & break-in instructions
How To Restore: Chapter 27
November 2009 1949 Special Order Colors
Ron Zwick unearths more rare documents
How To Restore: Chapter 12
August 2009 21 Days, 22 States, 7,968 Miles
Bud Keeling's Incredible Adventure
Members: Bud Keeling
August 2009 Spare Parts Catalog covers
Which one do I need? — from Mutt's collection
How-To-Restore: Chapter 7
August 2009 Service Manual covers
Which one do I need? — from Mutt's collection
How-To-Restore: Chapter 8
January 2009 Service Shop Dope How-To-Restore: Chapter 9
August 2007 The Pohlman Photos - the most important contribution to the Club ever!
Jerry Hatfield's collection of original advertising photos
How-To-Restore: Pohlman

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