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Oley 2011

More Hummer People and Hummer Bikes

Dave begs the forgiveness of all the "Unknown Persons". When I got home and tried to match the names in the "Visitor Log" book with the faces in the pictures - well, I failed miserably. Mea maxima culpa. Please identify yourselves on the Exchange, and we'll get your name corrected on your photo.

Dave, Anna and Les Zacary
Arny Cummings, Duane Taylor, Dave
Art Lumsden, Unknown Person 4, Dave
Becky Stauffer, Dave, Becky's Friend
Randy "Captain America" Williams
Jim Garrett gets a burger from Brent
Duane Wight, Dave, Unknown Persons 5 and 6
Susan and Harold "Bud" Dutton, Dave
Brent Dugan
Chef and Webmonster
Brent at the Tent
Arny Cummings, Duane Taylor, Dave
Pat Aiello, Dave, Jim Garrett
Dave, Unknown Person #9
Benny Howard, Dave, Dave Schlenoff
Kelly Sica, Unknown Person #10, Norm Fuhrer
The Red T-Shirt
Hummer Guys Get the Girls!

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