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Dixon 2012

Gene Underwood and John Dutra again hosted the Hummer Hospitality Tent, and had a great time meeting people and serving up food and cold beverages. The weather was bright and sunny - beautiful on Thursday night and Friday, but the temperature climbed up to 100 degrees on Saturday. Gene and John went to the banquet with the Hummer and Hofmann families. The Hummer family included Dean and Priscilla, son Keith, daughter Sheila and son-in-law Dan. The Hofmann family included Otto, who worked at the DKW factory many years ago in Germany, and his wife Trudi.

After dinner, a live band provided music, and then came the outdoor movies. One vendor sells Indian parts and DVDs of old motorcycle movies. He sets up a large outdoor screen after the banquet, and shows some of the old movies - such as "Little Fauss and Big Halsy", and the pilot movie for the TV series "Then Came Bronson". His son wheels around an old-time popcorn cart, and gives away free popcorn to movie watchers.

John explained that "Little Fauss and Big Halsy" contained a number of excerpts from actual races featuring our own Dean Hummer and his racing partner Rulon Gulbrandson.

Gene and John had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones - and hope to see you at Dixon next year!

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The Li'l Lineup
Gene Underwood
John Dutra
Madeline and Gene
Gene, Al Jones, Drew Steen
Dean Hummer, Gene, Terry Gambille
Priscilla and Dean Hummer
Gene (hiding), Mystery Man
Priscilla and Dean Hummer, and North E. West
Gene unfolds the Go-Devil
Gene rides the Go-Devil
Four Hummers
Five Hummers
Pamela Knab
Jeff Knab #925
BreeAnn and LeeAnn Dudley
More Dudley Restoration Team
Gene and Otto Hofmann
Gene shows off his ribbons
Gene riding the Go-Devil
Gene packs it up
John, Gene, Otto
Trudi Hofmann, Gene, Otto Hofmann
Don "the Scooter Man"
Zack's Motorcycle Supply
Ted Staub, Gene
Max, with Corrine and Adam
Tony & Michael Robles
Dana Miller

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