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Oley 2013

Hummer Hospitality reigned again at Oley this year. Chef Brent Dugan served up dozens and dozens of hamburgers and hot dogs to Hummer Club members, and just about anyone who showed up at the tent with an interest in Hummers.  We were really bad about writing down names again this year, so if you're one of the “Mystery People”, drop us a line on the Hummer Exchange and we'll get your name in with your picture.

Many members of the AMCA Highlands Chapter (Virginia) showed up with an appetite when they found out about the free food. We caught the freeloaders on film, down at the bottom of the page.

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Chef Brent Feeds Jim Garrett
Arny Cummings Enjoys a Burger
Heather and Dave
Dave, Duane Taylor, Brent
Pint-Sized Burger-Biters
Dave & The Oley Hummer Parts Guy
The Annual Question - Kathy or Kim ?
Terry Warnkin
Chuck and Davette Bent
3 Mystery Men + Highlands: Rob & Rollo
Kelly Sika & Norm Fuhrer
Terry Warnkin and Friends
The Holy Grail
Dave Gets Lit
Dr. Dave Schenoff and Dave
Mary and Jim
Mystery Hummer Guys
Mystery Hummer Rider
Mystery Girl and Highlands: King
Terry Warnkin and Dave
Captain America
Mystery Hummer Folks
Chef Brent

The nefarious AMCA Highlands Chapter

Chuck Bent Mingles With Highlands Guys
GeorgeD, King, Longshanks
Wuss and Rollo
Bill, Dave, GeorgeO

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