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Sunshine Chapter 2017

It was perfect weather and sunshine at the 2017 Sunshine Chapter meet in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Your webmaster flew down there and I stayed with a long time friend Fred Wood that lives in Edgewater right next door. Attendance by vendors was pretty good and a lot of parts changed hands. A 1962 Scat rear fender walked right up to me at the Hummer Club tent and asked me to take it home. Another of Fred's friends had come down to stay with us and he offered to bring it back to Jersey where we both live. Sometimes things just magically fall into place.
This was my first time at the Sunshine Meet and I was surprized to see many familiar faces from the Northern meets. A number of members dropped by the Hummer Club tent to say 'Hi' and enjoy the hospitality of the layout Dr. Pepper prepared. I'm normally a light eater but I pigged out on the pork roast Pepper cooked up (pun intended).
There were a number of lightweights present but the owners decided to 'proudly display their bikes' at their own stalls rather than at the Hummer Club tent. With the popularity and the increased value of these bikes I don't blame them for wanting to keep a close eye on them. Many of them told me they'd found the Hummer Club's website a 'blessing' in the amount of info they were able to get when rebuilding or restoring their bikes. I told them in return it was the accumulation of the unselfish efforts of the members sharing info and insights.
It's difficult keeping faces, names, and the photo count when I'm having fun and enjoying the Meet. Below are the photos I was able to take in between all the fun. Enjoy!

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This treasure could have been yours for a mere $3000 (?)