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The Hummer Club has NO dues or fees.
But we do have expenses - the Web site costs us about $150 each year.

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2019 Web Site Fund Contributors
Ron Zwick
2018 Web Site Fund Contributors
Duane Taylor
Dr. Pepper
Donald Germain
Emory Roan
Donald Germain
Jeffrey Rouse
Claude Vaughn
Ron Zwick
Chris York
Frederick L. Johnson
2017 Web Site Fund Contributors
Duane Taylor
Gary Morgan
Jerry Curtis
William Holder
2016 Web Site Fund Contributors
Dewey Bond
2015 Web Site Fund Contributors
Duane Taylor
Carl Nitz
Jeffrey Rouse
2014 Web Site Fund Contributors
Gary K. Morgan
Chris York
Dennis Barrett
Don Ellington
Michael Walker
John Dutra
Stephen Olson
2013 Web Site Fund Contributors
C.H. "Chase" Siegel
Chris Geyer
Dallas Queen
Mike Davey
Don Ellington
Dr. Pepper
Sheila Dormier
Ronnie Tanner
Timothy Parsons
Andrew Draxler
2012 Web Site Fund Contributors
Dr. Pepper
Don Ellington
Scott McKenzie
C.H. "Chase" Siegel
John Dutra
Michel Moglia
David Dobner
Susan Dutton
Doug Miller
Ivan Worrall
Andrew Draxler
Duane Taylor
Marge Busch
Tom & Kimberly Wallace
Gary & Alice Morgan
Denny Waddell
Bruce Mackenzie
Chris York
2011 Web Site Fund Contributors
C.H. "Chase" Siegel Don Ellington #578
Richard Reardon Duane Taylor
Ron & Pat Dodson #868 Dr. Pepper
Doug Miller Fears Botazofa
Gene Underwood Bruce & Linda Rogers
Purple Pyro Racing Ivan Worrall
Red Nose Studio, Inc. Scott McKenzie
Gary & Alice Morgan John Palmer
Tim Martin Dana Wassum
Robbie Knight #226 Glen Cottrell #70
Martin Draper Claude Vaughn
Bruce Mackenzie John Floyd
Timothy Parsons Joseph McWilliams
James "Jim" Whisler Jeffrey Drum
Ron Hunt Martin Herman
Arny Cummings Carl James
Andrew Draxler Sandra Webb
Oren Hutchinson Emory Roan
Ronny Bailey  
2010 Web Site Fund Contributors
Edd McGrath  
Carl Nitz  
Craig Lauterbach  
John R. Jenkins  
Rufus & Dana Wysong  
Andrew Draxler  
Don Ellington  
Draper Repair  
C.H. "Chase" Siegel  
Harvey "Old Cops Rock" Bach  
2009 Web Site Fund Contributors
Morris Bolgiano C.H. "Chase" Siegel
Andrew Draxler Ron & Pat Dodson
Lenny King Don Ellington
James Whisler Richard Duda
Bruce Rogers Jack Neff
David Vineyard Jon Polzin
2008½ Web Site Fund Contributors
Draper Repair Alain Dube
Dan Margolien  
2008 Web Site Fund Contributors
Michael Sallee Girard Fox
Dave Johnston Dean Hummer
C.H. "Chase" Siegel Don Ellington
Bob Turek Richard Hadley
Joe Bryant Duane Taylor
2007 Web Site Fund Contributors
Ron & Pat Dodson
Jerry Linley Dennis Adams
Robert Coleman Thomas Finn
John Palmer James Whisler
Stephan Olson Don Ellington
Kelly Molles James Bruner
Mr. HarleyHummer.com Marion Carter
Mark Peters Bill Simmons!
E.L. "Roy" Goyette III Stuart Sarjeant
David Lewis Andrew Draxler
Thomas Gray Ronald Bailey
C. H. "Chase" Siegel Steve Bright
T-Shirt Auction Fundraiser Winners
Robert Mackenzie Don Ellington
2006 Web Site Fund Contributors
William Stroer Lee Lange Memorial Fund
Mr. Anonymous Robert Hamilton
Carl Nitz Ronald Bailey
Robert C. Parker Keith Murray
Danny Ramsey Elwin Haddix
Al Lyons - www.harleyhummer.com

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