From:Jerry Hatfield Electronic:beemer73 -A-
Subject:RE: Making a dual cam brake Date:Tue Nov 30 19:18:06 2010
Response to:14834
Here's how to make any antique motorcycle drum brake much more effective. The sketch is exaggerated, but the results are outstanding. Grind a SMALL AMOUNT of material off the leading edge of the brake cams. Do this to produce a new curvature to the leading edges. This causes the cams to move slightly farther before they begin to apply braking force. Also, due to the NEW CURVATURE of the cams, more brake hand lever movement occurs in relation to the cam movements. This is simple physices. Since the amount of hand lever movement is increased, there's an increased mechanical advantage. I've seen 1930s Indians front brakes increased from a dragging result to a wheel-locking result. Remember, you're only going to take off a little material, so do this in very small increments. If you remove too much material from the cams' leading edges, then you will run out of hand-lever operating room.

Has anyone ever tried making a dual cam brake from a Hummer front brake? I
was going to give it a go but thought I might look for some advice first. Thanks.