From:Timber Electronic:ctn43645 -A-
Subject:Front Fender Exchange Date:Thu Dec 2 22:39:49 2010
I purchased a '58ST and the individual had put 19" wheels on it instead of 18". The rear fender has been attached and has sufficient clearance, but the front fender was not mounted. I did some measuring and calculating and have come to the conclusion that it is for a different year bike. The fender supports are about 1" shorter than the one on my '58B, making it impossible to clear even if it had 18" wheels on it. Is there anyone out there who would be interested in trading one decent fender that does not fit mine for a decent fender that would fit mine? I do not recall the measurement right now, but if someone is interested, I will certainly double check the measurement. I do not really want to start cutting and or bending things up to gerry-rig it. Thanks in advance.