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Sorry ta ruffle yer feathers there, Rob.
Here is some other logic to look at. Harley didn't design the 125 model, Germans did. I believe I read somewhere, that bike was first made in 1928, when many roads were REALLY bad. Germans also made good use of mudflaps. In 1948, the roads weren't near what they are these days. People used mud flaps then. No one says that the mud flaps being used were only available thru a H-D dealer.Sometimes, one has to think outside the box. There were a few aftermarket companies around right after WWII for people to buy goodies to personalize their bikes.Some had been around MUCH longer. Companies like Atlas and Nation-Bilt and Comenski to name a few. K and Sportys had the hole and people put mudflaps on them too. However, Scat front fenders didn't have that hole, because you wouldn't want to put a mudflap on one.I don't claim to be a know-it-all. I only post my personal opinions.

Footnote: the beloved Davidson Money Group SOLD OUT this week, taking a 300 million dollar bail out from Uncle Sugar. Does a company that is shutting out American workers to build the plant in INDIA, deserve a single penny ....................................

OK Mutt,
I have heard you refer to this elusive mud flap before. I have all the accessory catalogs from the time frame Hummers existed as well as factory parts books for '48,'51,'52,'53,'54'55,'57, '58,'59,'60,'61,'62,'63,'64,'66 lightweight models and not one of those pieces of H-D literature lists a front mud flap. So can you please post a picture of it?
And I am with Bob, I believe it is a hanging hole. K models and Sportsters had them as well and also did not have mudflaps!

Yep, it's for mounting the Accessory mud flap

Hi all,

Just a simple question. Is the hole that is in the rear of the front fender suppose to be there?