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Subject:RE: RE: RE: primary cover Date:Sun Dec 5 19:55:07 2010
Response to:14872
This the primary in question? It came on 1952 motor I bought. someone may have done this but if thats the case they sure did a good job because I can't see a thing in that skipped area.

Bill, can ya post a picture of teh 3 you have? ----- ORIGINAL MESSAGE FOLLOWS -----

How many primary covers styles carrying the part number 25407-47. I have six covers and three differnet styles on the rib. what is correct for 1948.

on this web site it says there are two. but Iam questioning that? I have one that has rib that come around the front back to about the front screws then no rib for about 2 inches w/p.n. 25407-47