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Subject:RE: RE: Our Project -- 1948 Harley Davidson 125 S Date:Fri Jan 7 22:26:10 2011
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hello and welcome.
as others have said, these little guys are very addictive. I am also new, having acquired my fiorst one end of October. now have 4 in various stages of work, andtrying to figure out wqhat the heck I am doing. Lots of people on here and once in awhile theres good feedback to help.
My home is in Charleston SC but I am presently living and working in California.
once again, welcome! Gene

Very nice piece to start with Les,The first thing I would do is get a parts manual for it,then you and Anna start one page #1 and see if you can find the items on your bike,,,,This is very ADDICTIVE and will be a Blast,Good Luck and welcome to the club Dr.

Hi, with the encouragement of the Harley Davidson Hummer Club website we just acquire a 1948 Harley Davidson 125 S. This precious Gem now resides on a 4x8 piece of plywood in our sunroom.

We are really excited beginners... did I say beginners. Any suggestions from club members on this restoration process would be much appreciated.

We are located in upstate South Carolina and we would truly welcome any suggestions on local potential experts to assist us in our new project.

Look forward to meeting other club members.

Les and Anna