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Subject:RE: 1948 Date:Tue Jan 11 05:57:02 2011
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What are you wanting for the 48 chasis and does it still have the front end (rubber band susupension girder? I need a nive set of chrome wheels as well but will most likely end up painting them black unless i can find a set. My bike mis the early 48's with the frame issues but I still want to keep it do you know if yours is the corrected vers 2? Also any other 48 parts beside wheel hub? interested in speedometer and headligh case (I have new bezel and light. Any help would be appreciated and I'm glad to always trade if i have something you need.

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I have a 48 chassis and a empty set of 48 cases I bought back in the 1970's, over the years, I have bought engines
and engine parts. most of these motors are the early 50's
What problems will I run into swaping the guts out of the 50's to the 48. also this chassis has no 48 wheels but
I have a lot 19" wheels and the 48 front brake (I may have a front hub It looks to be missing the tin dust cover that was spot weled on????)