From:Les and Anna Electronic:anna -A-
Subject:Need a few parts... Date:Sun Jan 16 20:55:03 2011
Hello to all,

Well after many miles of travel we found our way to Texas and were able to meet the well known Mutt. What a great experience, Mutt was kind enough to give us a tour of his shop and assist us in the tear down of our new project.
Had a little lunch with him and Diane and headed back to South Carolina with a homework list.

Please see the following items we are in need of, if anyone has something on the list please contact me.

Parts for 1948 125 S

On these items I would really like to have used or NOS.

Blank Keys
Original Starter Crank - the one cut to the left.
Upper rocker arm and shaft
Tools for my tool box
Fender tips (have the spears)
Safety Bar
Saddle bracket-right and left with spacer
Original Battery... Ha Ha... ok maybe that's not going to happen but if you have a original battery strap, battery lid and original battery box that would be great.

Anyone have a contact for reduced center spokes...looks like Buchanan has special orders. Anyone ever ordered from them?

Thanks in Advance,

Les and Anna