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Subject:RE: Need a few parts... Date:Mon Jan 17 11:13:59 2011
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Hello to all,

Well after many miles of travel we found our way to Texas and were able to meet the well known Mutt. What a great experience, Mutt was kind enough to give us a tour of his shop and assist us in the tear down of our new project.
Had a little lunch with him and Diane and headed back to South Carolina with a homework list.

Please see the following items we are in need of, if anyone has something on the list please contact me.

Les & Anna:

I can furnish most of the parts you list. E-mail if you want a quote. If you have a parts book, it will help if you use the the part numbers and description.

Just FYI:\
Blank keys. Most any good lock shop will have them. However, you can take the switch to the shop and they will make a key.
The starter cranks are scarce. The early one is mostly non-existant. The design error caused them to break.

Tool box tools. Rare. I have never seen a set in 25 yrs.

RE NOS/used. NOS in most of these parts are pretty rare.
Occasionally seen on e-bay. There is nothing wrong with reproduction parts if they are done correctly and copied
exactly. Neither you or the judges can tell the difference. If either can then the part was not faithfully reproduced.

That said, most of the parts you need are readily available.
Duane Taylor

Parts for 1948 125 S

On these items I would really like to have used or NOS.

Blank Keys
Original Starter Crank - the one cut to the left.
Upper rocker arm and shaft
Tools for my tool box
Fender tips (have the spears)
Safety Bar
Saddle bracket-right and left with spacer
Original Battery... Ha Ha... ok maybe that's not going to happen but if you have a original battery strap, battery lid and original battery box that would be great.

Anyone have a contact for reduced center spokes...looks like Buchanan has special orders. Anyone ever ordered from them?

Thanks in Advance,

Les and Anna