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Subject:RE: A Better Way to Blow the Whistle Date:Thu Jan 20 14:08:07 2011
Response to:15069
Very well put, Dave! Thanks for your "intervention."
Whistle blower (and everyone else),

A better way to handle a situation like this is to pretend
you're on the TV show Jeopardy - phrase it as a question.

" I see Item #1234 on eBay. Aren't all the taillights
supposed to be marked "blah" ??? "

If you're right, you've achieved the same effect (calling
people's attention to a possibly misrepresented part)
without accusing someone by name.

If you're wrong, you'll find out the correct answer, and in
the process, will have helped other people by stirring up
the correct information.

You CAN'T tell your wife the red dress makes her butt look
fat, but you CAN tell her the blue dress goes better with
her shoes. Same message, but different phrasing gives
vastly different results!