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Subject:RE: RE: 63 scat jiffystand question. Date:Sun Jan 23 14:04:36 2011
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thanks duane!
yeah i figired it out after i asked....wasnt smart enuff to look first!
i emailed harleyhummernut to see if he had those parts, but havent got an answer. do you?
Does anyone??? sure could use them!
thanks. Gene


If you have a parts book for your bike, you will see the parts you need to attach the kickstand leg. (A spring, washer and cotter key). You will also need the return spring.
I can fax that page to you if need be.
Duane Taylor

I just took the skid plate off my 63 scat, and the kickstand it had was bolted to and thru the skid plate. so, i put a NOS jiffsand on it. question is, howdo i attach the jiffystand? i slid it thru the holes, but is it supposed to have spring, a cotter pin, or what?
info and picture would be appreciated!!
thanks in advance. Gene