From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:RE: Hub cap Date:Wed Jan 26 18:47:34 2011
Response to:15095
A. (or AJ, or ?),

The hubcap was an accessory. The last page of the 1953 Spare Parts Catalog shows it (43315-49 $1.50), as do a number of other original parts catalogs.

I've only seen them on the front wheel until the Jefferson swap meet last year. Ron "Shop Dope" Zwick (or was it Bob Warder) had one on BOTH wheels.

Speak up Ron or Bob - you are the Hummer Hubcap Expert!


I didn't get a photo showing the dual-hubcap Hummer, but the crewe from Jefferson can be seen on message #14360. I think the "flip-side" of Ron's bike would show the 'caps.

P.S. ahelwig: What is your first/given/Christian name?

Don't see a hub cap in the spare parts catalog. Was it an option, or acessory? Anyway I didn't even know what it was until I uploaded a pic here and some onne identified it for me. Now I am getting ready to put my front wheel back together and don't know where it goes. Does it go on instead of the bearing grease retainer?