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Subject:RE: CAD spokes Date:Tue Feb 1 21:49:29 2011
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Is there a contact for cad plated spokes? I took a wheel rear wheel apart and will have the spokes re-cad plated if I am able to find another set of cad plated ones for my front. I don't think I want cad in the back and the SS I see around in the front. I would like the back and front to match. Also I am having a hard time with the identity of my bike. The motor # is 55ST-1186. What is the diff between a 55 st and a Hummer. When looking at spokes in the parts catalog the part number ends in either a-47 (48-55 S&ST), or a -55 (55-Hummer). Does this mean that there were 2 different spokes in 1955? one for an S&ST and one for a Hummer. If so what is the diff between the 2 bikes. I thought mine was a 55 hummer 165.
An ST is a 165, A Hummer is a 125 (engine marked B instead of ST). They are quite different. You have a 165.
The -47 spokes are for 19" wheels, The -55 are for 18". Your ST should be 18" front and rear. There are several differences including carbs, engine parts, seats, brakes, instruments, etc. See the model listings on this site!