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Subject:RE: Okay, here are a few pics... Date:Thu Feb 3 20:44:56 2011
Response to:15159
Nice bike. The details are proof of the special promise.


Hello everyone. Thanks for all of the emails and the the great responses. I've
been asked for a few pics a lot lately so I thought I'd throw some up here
instead of sending it out to each person. I didn't want to let the cat to far out
of the bag just yet as I have been attempting to locate most of the parts I
needed and then let my welder loose on the detailing before shipping the
whole thing out for chrome and brass plating.

Some of you know what I am doing but in case any one needs to be caught up
to speed, here is the skinny:

I'm a young guy from Canada building my first motorcycle which is a custom
'63 Scat with a '61 Super 10 race engine with a race head, 7 spring clutch and
a stuffer plate beautifully rebuilt by Mr. Stan Waite. I've chosen to use the '48-
'50 girder front end and then added a '60's Ducati head light, Brass BSA M20
levers, a brass '50's Royal Infield exhaust ring, a 1941 brass Lucas Tail light ,
a Wassel banana tank, a 1886 Farmall seat leaf spring and a ton of parts that
will be brass plated which I have received from so many of you, Alan, Travis,
Duane, Mutt, Richard and Gene who traded for a custom skid plate that is out
for chrome right now.

There have been so many people on here who have helped me with advice
and more parts than I can name. Any how, this is a few pics of the bike I do
have prier to it being completed. There will be no paint on the bike, from
every nut and bolt to the fender, frame and tank, everything will be chrome or
brass plated, the seat is a custom pan which will receive vintage honey brown
leather and the bars are set up with brown Posh grips and Posh solid brass
switches. I hope this might appease some of your appetite and share a little
more about what I am doing.

Thanks again.