From:Chuck Bundy Electronic:chucknphyl -A-
Subject:loss of electric Date:Sat Feb 12 17:06:56 2011
Last fall I had a problem with loss of electric power.
I have a '52 '125'. I restored it to original specs just like the '51' I had when I was a kid. I ride it in warm weather and love it as much as in 1958.

Problem: While riding sometimes I hear the motor missing slightly. If I try to blow the horn, the engine quits. If I turn on the headlight, the engine quits. Even if I toe the rear brake, the engine quits. If I decease any of the above, the engine ruins OK. If I stop, there is no voltage at the points If I do anything at all, the voltage returns and I can ride like normal. I suspect the regulator but don't know. Any ideas???