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Subject:RE: RE: RE: what is this, a toolbox??? or ?? Date:Sun Feb 13 15:49:13 2011
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i took it off the scat and measured it. it is 5 7/8" long; 2 1/8" interior diameter' and the bracket holes are 2 1/4" center to center. ive been looking at others on line and havent found it yet.

The Tube Tool Box looks just like the one under the seat of my Harley-Aermacchi SX350 1971 or 1972 only.
6 1/2" long x 2 5/8". Bracket Tangs 1 1/2" eye to eye.

So, I went and got another one from my parts stash, and compaired it to the picture.
The Hanging Bracket is different. My Tangs are not that long. And if the SX350 Tool Box was mounted like that the door would be in the rear. Not the front.

Sorry, It is not the SX350 Tool Box Tube.
Hard to find 2 year only Part, as most were taken off the DirtBikes.

this is on the 65 scat i got today. never seen anthing like it. anyone recognoize it? its bolted thru the holes where buddy pegs would go. looks like it belongs like a factory accessory or something buit nothi ng like it in any parts catalog that ive seen.
thanks in advance.]

Looks sort of like a Honda CL72 or CL77 toolbox.