From:Backyard Bob Electronic:somewhere -A- newjersey
Subject:RE: RE: Harley Hummer Club Patches Date:Mon Feb 21 22:38:13 2011
Response to:15290

Are these the one's?

I found about a dozen of the Club patches, but I think there's a box with more lurking around here somewhere.

They're $5 - same price as 10 years ago. Shipping is FREE - just like 10 years ago.

Hop on over to the Donate page Either send a check to the Webmonster, or if you use PayPal, after you login, under "Special instructions - Comments about the Club?", click "Add", and type in your snail-mail address and the word "Patch".

Years ago, we had a "General Store" page, but we deleted it after we sold the last of the Club T-shirts. I'll have to work up a new General Store page.


Dave Hennessey, does the club still have any of the yellow club patches with a red hummer on it? It's about 4.5" wide and 4" high I got one when I became a member some time ago. Would like to have another if any are left. Any info would be appreciated. Ron/52S