From:Vernon R Whyte Electronic:vernonrwhyte -A-
Subject:RE: Wanted ! Harley Davidson 1951 125 S Date:Thu Feb 24 18:06:35 2011
Response to:15323
I have a 1951 125s for sale. It may be what you want.
Vernon Whyte 856-202-5152


I am not an expert on Harley lightweights, but my very first motorcycle was a 51 125 that I purchased used in 1958.
I am now 67 years old. Yes, this is a nostalgia thing. I am willing to pay $5000. or more for the "right" bike. It must be very correct and complete. Obviously, I only want a 1951 model. I will pay top dollar for a pristine example. I do not want a "basket case" that needs "unobtainium" parts. I have done that with several old "Brit" bikes and choose not to do that again. I am willing to listen to good advice from "you folks" reading this post. If my price estimate is too low, please let me know. Thank you for reading this.