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Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: whats what and where does it go??? Date:Thu Feb 24 21:44:20 2011
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Here is your mystery parts info
from top to bottom , left to right

1) not any hummer part

2) top half of 1952-62 kickstand leg

3) axle, but not any Hummer

4) brake pedal tension spring, 1958 -66 all models

5) top tree casting, was welded to sheet metal on upper fork plate at one time



this is fun! thanks dr pepper and Mutt for assistance. I have put an arrow on 5 items i still havent figured out. HELP ME! thanks, Gene
Good Morning Gene,None of this stuff fits your bike,just kidding. Here is your first HINT on the hunt,,, pages 26,24,22,18,of the parts book-they have pictures that look just like your stuff along with the part numbers.Some are hard to find---but there.Hint 2,,,(just off the top of my head,but I could be wrong)44266-47,,45736-47,,4836-47,,43727-47,,45746-47,,,,Start with these 5 items,then start looking for the others 1 at a time untill you find them,whats left goes back in baggy to save.Its a pain Gene but you'll get real good at it quick.You need to know what your looking at with this stuff,,I can't tell you how much of the Hummer stuff I passed up because I didn't know what it was or didn't look hard enough in vendors boxes
of its like a scavenger hunt. I received this stuff with a 65 scat in a ziplock baggy. whats what and where does it go???