From:Doug Miller Electronic:radarsprint -A-
Subject:RE: Advise on possible purchase Date:Thu Feb 24 22:21:35 2011
Response to:15330
Remember the wiring harness should be made from 1961 available parts. The nuts & bolts should be stamped with other than hardware store markings. I can't advise on the covering on cables vinyl may be stock by 1961. The parts may be hand made or transferred from (say) a "Sportster" some are correctly shared others are different (not shared).

Of course for a "rider" you may chose a vinyl wire as more reliable, accept "hardware store" nuts & bolts your choice.

As "RESTORED" accept the comments of a AMCA judge not related to the seller over the sellers promises. The manuals (maintenance & spare parts) would help you find some info but that's $40 investment.

If you can buy it with title for $300 get it!, "RESTORED" or "runner", $17,000 I don't figure it worth buying. Probably somewhere between you're on your own.


I am new to Hummers. I am considering purchase of this bike. It's a 61 Super 10. Owner claims it has been restored - new wiring harness, carb rebuild, seat upholstery, etc. I realize the photo is small, but it's all I've got right now. I'd appreciate any comments from knowledgeable individuals; not only in regards to the photo, but on specific items to look for while inspecting the bike. I don't mind doing some work to bring it up to snuff, but I don't want to get hosed at the get-go. Any help would be appreciated.