From:Brent Electronic:cdf959 -A-
Subject:The Club Date:Thu Feb 24 23:18:54 2011
This message is aimed at the guys and gals out there that don't have and really aren't thinking about doing a fully restored AMCA bike. You're just as welcome here. I'd really like to get your photo's and stories too. Most all of us here didn't start with new bikes and I'd bet most of us started with bikes barely runable (I did). It didn't stop us from having fun and enjoying the memories we share today. It only has to be as 'correct' as you want it. The important thing is to have fun with it. When you're finished just DON'T sell it to the Scrap Metal Man! Please! Hide it in a shed, stick it in the basement; put it in the back of that broken down Mini-van behind your house....for someone to find later...maybe even YOU! The ones here are the ones somebody else just couldn't throw away either. Take a picture of it. One day someone may say "Oh, how quaint, here's a .jpg photo of an old motorcycle. Someone will say "What the heck is a jaypig?" .... Let the cycle begin again (pun intended) :-)