From:colawnguy Electronic:colawnguy -A-
Subject:Obtaining Titles for Old Bikes Date:Fri Feb 25 13:12:48 2011
Just for everyone's information. I have recently obtained a
new COLORADO title for my 53ST that was originally titled by
my father in PA. in 1966. The process was relatively simple,
because I already had a PA. title in my name. (Dad gave me
the bike before he died in 1980). But the title had incorrect
information on it. I had to take the bike to a designated CO.
State Trooper for an official "VIN Inspection." The trooper
filled out the appropriate form with the corrected
information, including an explanation. I then took this form
and the PA title to the county DMV and filed for my new title.
I now have a current COLORADO title for the bike that I rode
as a teenager in the late 60's.