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Subject:RE: RE: RE: Obtaining Titles for Old Bikes Date:Sat Feb 26 08:30:39 2011
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Yes, that's the brickwall I ran into.
I ask them the same question? They said, We don't know, but you can't get one here our records are gone.
As I was not the only person in line, trying to get information. Another guy says, You'll need to use a Title Service.
I've used International Title in past years, but the new requirements seem crazy and alot more expensive.
ie: You need to have Insurance on the Bike. Crazy, as the Bike I'm trying to get a Title for is usually a basketcase.
It was a Bonnie that my cousin owned, that I researched for restoration. After I determined that she was a Bastard Child, non-matching number. I sold her to a guy in the UK. With No Title.
Good Luck, you Lucky Dog.

Rocky: Are you saying that the PA DMV would not issue a new
title because you don't have the original in hand? If so,
how are you supposed to obtain a "new" title???
You are one lucky Dude. Having any old PA Motorcycle Title.
Because last year, I tired to get a PA Motorcycle Title re-
issued. Having only Old Registration Cards.
The PA DMV says they Lost All Old Motorcycle Records in
their building fire back in the 1990's.
Unless you have an Old Title in-hand or it's currently
registered, you are out of luck in PA.

Just for everyone's information. I have recently obtained a
new COLORADO title for my 53ST that was originally titled by
my father in PA. in 1966. The process was relatively
because I already had a PA. title in my name. (Dad gave me
the bike before he died in 1980). But the title had
information on it. I had to take the bike to a designated
State Trooper for an official "VIN Inspection." The trooper
filled out the appropriate form with the corrected
information, including an explanation. I then took this
and the PA title to the county DMV and filed for my new
I now have a current COLORADO title for the bike that I rode
as a teenager in the late 60's.