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I used egay once since they went to the paypal policy,never again will I use egay to sell anything,however,I have bought several items from websites such as this one from private sales/individuals,in there somewheres{cant quite rememers} there is a tab,click on it and there is a option that says "Gift" click on that if the dot isnt already hilighted and send the money as a gift.paypal do`nt tak any fees froma gift so the seller gets onehunnert percent of the money with nothing deducted out of n easy.
I will check out that other auction site even though I do`nt sell much stuff,mostly collect n pile it up.LOL

ebay SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eBay got ticked because Danny wouldn't accept "Paypal" (they was gonna lose money),so they shut his auction down.
They make it REALLY hard, almost impossible, to accept anything other than Paypal. NO money orders, checks,Western Union, .999 Fine, silver or gold allowed in the description or they shut down your auction, and ofcourse, they still charge you for the auction. PC America, going down the tubes quickly. eBay totally disrespects their sellers. They say the buyer comes first. I have spoken with them on the phone about it and that's what they told me. For those of you who don't know much about ePay, eBay charges the SELLER a minimum of 10.18% , and since they own Paypal, they MANDATE that ALL sellers must use atleast one form of electronic payment (and since most sellers are doing it for a hobby, they don't have a credit card machine) so they con ya into using PayPal, "The world's most loved and safest way to pay propaganda). So, Paypal then does the invoice ,this time INCLUDING shipping, and takes an addition 4% off that total, so the seller ends up paying about 15% of the auction to them. It truely is highway robbery. That's what this country has stooped to. They don't have to charge that much. Ebay used to be a joy to sell on, before Magre Whitman took over the controls and ruined it. And she was planning on running for governor of California. Imagine what would have happened to that already defunct state !!!! If you send something overseas, there is no way to track it, so all the buyer has to do ,is say he didn't get the part, then Paypal deducts the money out of your account and gives it back to the buyer and you lose the part and your money. I have had it happen 2 times, both times to Germany. I don't sell to off -of-continent anymore. Sorry for the rant, but it needs to be told and I'm telling it. Check this out. Their is a site that has been around on 2 years less than ebay.eBid. They charge a $75 flat fee ONE TIME, and you can list anything ya want for the rest of our life and NO FEES whatsover after ya join. the format is exactly the same as eBay


New number for the tool kit on ebay 150571058037

These are original tools and roll. I haven't seen more than 5 sets in the last 22 years of restoring Hummers.
The kit is super obsolete and I bet they sell for a bit more than the $200 the bid is up to now. It all depends on how much complete someone wants their bike to be, in case they get it judged.



Wow; with one day left on the auction, this tool kit is already up over $200.
I've bought kits for my other classic bikes and that seems high.
They must be original tools that came with the kit.
They must be marked HD.
The kit mut be complete.
Or are these just some appropriate tools that the seller put togher? I may be missing something here.

The only thing I'm going to say about this is that I have always paid the price
people were asking. I'm not big on haggling but I do try to shop around. I'm a
young guy with a lot of big dreams and a small budget. I've purchased parts
from over twenty different guys and I've been return business for them all. I've
appreciated all the help and parts people have offered and the only peanuts
I'd ever offer is to elephants, nice tool kit though.

It seemed to me that there were a lot more complains about you than just one
guy. I also saw a lot of threats coming from you directed to a lot of guys on
here. I'm steering clear of anything you have to sell. Good luck though.


BAD RAP?? And hows that cause I fault back at the dude Bill that beat me on
the bike I bought 5 yaers ago on here or because I was not going to sell
FEARS a ton of parts for the peanuts he wanted to pay huh????
People just need to stay out of other peoples problems and all will be well.
Thank You, And have a nice day!!!

Tell me what I did wrong that you say am I going to do this one right???

Danny, you survived a bad rap here. You gonna do this one right?

TOOL KIT FOR SALE ON E-BAY Item number: 150570193097