From:gene underwood Electronic:gene_underwood -A-
Subject:RE: TOOL KIT Date:Fri Mar 4 21:01:14 2011
Response to:15386
did ebay pull the ad again?? I was considering bidding then the ad just disappeared. but they left your other ad on?? wierd. why would they differentiate when bith ads said same regarding payment??

E-BAY pulled my auctions because of simple wording rules that they have but I did re list them for now. If someone wants this tool kit E-mail me with your offer Because if E-Bay pulls them again they will just get put back in storage.
New E-BAY Item# 150571058037


Also.... ...PLEASE if anyone has something to say to me like you Neal and "Bob" or is that just what you do? just E-mail me at don't wasted the space on this site that's not what the HUMMER CLUB SITE is about. Bob I would not sell or give you a glass of water if you were stranded in the desert anyway you seem to have a problem with me cause your always opening your mouth over things that have nothing to do with you.