From:Dr. Pepper
Subject:Eustis FL.Meet 2011 Date:Sun Mar 6 18:20:26 2011
Wow I don't know where to start, first I want to thank Ace Elliott for inspiring my mission, without his picture on the twin engine Hummer at a club meet this meet would never had happened. Second Dave Hennessey for letting me have this opportunity. And my good friend Joe Nicolette who came all the way from Smithton, PA just to help me. I could have not done this AMCA meet without him; Joe you are the best. Last, but not least, all the club members that came out to support the Hummer club.
I was amazed at all the interest the public had with Hummers. Many had Hummer projects they were doing and they had a lot of questions. Most did not know the Hummer club existed at all. There were folks that said they had joined the Hummer club many years ago and thought the club had been disbanded; "wrong" I said, "you are still a member and the club is stronger than ever".
At any given time during the meet there was at least 3-4 members present at the Hummer club tent that were experts on Hummers and answered questions for those seeking answers. I believe we ALL learned something new this weekend. I know I did.
I was shocked when Les and Anna (Post 15008) showed up, they are up to six machines now! They are wonderful folks and they made my day!
Myself and Joe would like to thank all the members old and new that came out to show support, it made this the best AMCA meet we have been to in our 40 years of the MC hobby. A special thanks to Jim and Mary from J&M, they sent their customers over to the Hummer club tent. Below is a list of people that signed the guest book, I know more were present that did not get a chance to sign the book. I tried to remember the names, but I was overwhelmed on Friday and Saturday with the excitement. By 5:30 PM on Saturday afternoon I went brain dead (thanks again John). I encourage that we keep our Hummer tent visible at all AMCA meets whenever possible as a great time was had by all.
A big thanks to all
Dr. Pepper Wysong

Those we were glad to see:

Les and Ann Anderson, Sc
Chuck and Shannon Odessa, Fl
Terry Carrollton, Va
Harold Chesapeake, Va
Ricky Gainsville, Fl
Boone and Tammy Oxford, Fl
Joe Smithton, Pa
George Fairfax, Va
David Jesup, Fl
Claude (club #274) Laurens, Sc
John Gilbert, Sc
Tom Orlando, Fl
Dale Winter Haven, Fl
Alan Winter Haven, Fl
Craig and Tracy Morgantown, WV